Last week we had another Medical. Since we were all very busy in our assigned areas we didn’t have time to take pictures but we had a volunteer who was our photographer. I hope to get hold of the pictures soon and post some here. Four days we were in different communities and saw many, many patients. Two doctors came from abroad (Germany, USA) and three more doctors from the city here. On top we had a few nurses, a bunch of volunteers and of course our whole team. We were quite a big group. Every patient goes through 6 steps. 1. Registration, 2. Vital signs (bloodpressure etc.), 3. Health Lecture, 4. Councelling, 5. seeing the doctor, 6. Pharmacy. My task was on all days in the pharmacy, giving out medicine and the appropiate instruction in who to take them. I gave out countless pills that I even dreamed about the medicine. I was able to practice a lot of Tagalog during that time. So far about the practical side but the experience of this medical runs way deeper than just helping the people  in a practical way. It touched my heart and caused teary eyes when I saw the deep thankfulness of these dear people, how much they appreciated the help. Some people shook (all) our hands, expressing their gratitude. I saw how eyes light up when handed them the medicine against their sufferings, or just simply reading glasses and an amazed “oh wow, I can read!!!!” It was a very exhausting week but worth every second of it. We also had dentist with us each day and she pulled many teeth. One day she asked me to pull a teeth which I did!!! Yes, me! 🙂 Somewhere a picture exist of that, I just have to find it.

One of the medical days was close to my neighborhood so of course I saw a lot of familiar faces. One of my neighbors came to see a dentist and he got four teeth extracted. In the evening when I was already lying tired in bed I heard a “tao po”. Someone was at my door, calling me. It was the mother and wife of this young guy. Despite antihaemorrhagic medicines the bleeding wouldn’t stop, even got stronger. They were really worried, didn’t know what to do, so they came over to my house. Quickly I got dressed again and walked over to their house. I wanted to have a look at the guy first. I was really shocked to see how strong the bleeding was. Expecting that it will drip a lot or something I found a constant flow of blood. The guy was just lying on the floor with a bowl next to his open mouth. I quickly went to our center to get some meds and talk to the nurse in our team. She also called the dentist and they said he should really go to the hospital. So I went back to the house of the family, but after telling them to got to the hospital they wouldn’t go because of lack of money. I was very sad and shocked but sadly this the hard reality for many people here in the Philippines. After asking for permission I was able to go back in to the guy and I prayed for him and his family. Then I went back home. Just being back in bed my phone rings. My teamcollege and friend suggested to find out if they have certain insurance and we are able to donate a little gift as well. So up I got again and went over there. I sat with them for about an hour trying to find a way. The guy was getting really weak as he lost a lot of blood, finally they got in the Tricycle and on the way to the hospital. I came home just after 11pm. Finally back to sleep my phone rings again at midnight. It’s the hospital asking who is going to take care of all the expenses. I explain the situation and that we are only able to donate a gift towards the expenses but that the patients have an insurance. The next morning 6am my neighbor (the mother) calls at my door. The insurance expired and they needed to help. Finally we could arrange everything. The guy is out of hospital now, well and working again. The insurance covered half of the expenses. The remaining expenses are manageable for the family. It sure was an eventful night. Oh yeah…. by the way everything was in Tagalog as the family doesn’t speak English at all!


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